About Us


ABHILASHA T.T. College  does Competition today is tough and wide. The desire to excel must be supported by an alert and inquisitive mind, perseverance, sharp wit, courage of conviction, intelligence and positive attitude. This together with the power of eloquence will help mould the children into responsible citizens who will not only be able to face the challenges of the future but also do the nation proud.

We at ABHILASHA College  are committed to provide Excellent, Sustainable, Inclusive and Flexible Education. and we appreciates everything our great teachers do each and every day in their classrooms.

 Indeed ‘Abhilasha’ is unique in its efforts. What differentiates us from the rest, one the moral education that students imbibe ehile studying here. We are not Running it for profit but we are focused on doing something meaningful for the society at large with aims & vision.

      I hope for bright future of your children.


Dear Parents & Guardians,

     It gives me immense pleasure to say words about Abhilasha College.

    I am delighted to see that the institution is growing your in strength and quality and sure and staff of the institution sincerely believe that success is not what you have in bank, it is what you have in heart.

  The individual attention through a well designed curriculum, experienced dedicated staff, comfortable student – teacher ratio, extracurricular activities makes it possible to  bring out the best in every children making them knowledgeable and confident.

  We have an honorable task of shaping your children that shape the nation tomorrow.

        Wishing you all the best, with best regards.                                 

        With Best Wishes


Mission Statement

Abhilasha Colleges educators are responsive to the needs of young adolescents and are prepared to empower them through engaging and purposeful learning activities.

By creating and sustaining a safe, in elusive, and positive learning environments, all students will have the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally and academically preparing them for high school and beyond.

The Abhilasha College will exhibit courage and collaboration when making decisions through a partnership with all stake holders with the mindset that All Student’s can and will experience success.


Abhilasha College will empower all students to achieve excellence in Character, Academies, Athletics and the Arts bringing positive change to their community.


Empowering all students to achieve excellence